Hey There! I’m Jeanne Benichou, a design student based in Paris.
My expertise focuses on the design of digital experiments and interfaces. My work is articulated through precise and functional artistic directions whether it's a personal, professional or student project.

It is essential for me to be in line with my sponsors intentions and communication objectives in order to affirm their identity and uniqueness.

I’m currently looking for a 6-months internship / I’m available for freelance.

Tesla Dash / Big Hero 6
Date : March 2016 Role : Art Direction

Tesla Dash / Big Hero 6

School project

Context - The objective of this exercice is to conceive and prototype a redesign of the dashboard of the Tesla’s Model 3. The main constraint was that this interface had to be on a movie’s theme of our choice. We chose to interact also on the UX of the dashboard, in addition of introducing a personal feature for the movie we selected: Big Hero 6.

Approach - Approach - Thanks to the redesign of the UX, the first issue was to intercede different relative features to the drive of a simple way, accessible and conventional. The interaction of the feature « Human Analysis », referring to our cinematographic theme had to take the driving action of the user into account. Finally, the integration of graphic integrations to the movie has integrated in numerous interface elements.