Hey There! I’m Jeanne Benichou, a design student based in Paris.
My expertise focuses on the design of digital experiments and interfaces. My work is articulated through precise and functional artistic directions whether it's a personal, professional or student project.

It is essential for me to be in line with my sponsors intentions and communication objectives in order to affirm their identity and uniqueness.

I’m currently looking for a 6-months internship / I’m available for freelance.

Paris Biotech Santé
Date : December 2016 Role : Art Direction

Paris Biotech Santé

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Context - "Paris Biotech Santé" is an incubator of innovative companies specializing in the development of medicines, medical devices and innovative services for the benefit of patients. The structure wanted a new graphic identity as well as the redesign of its web platform to modernize its first points of contact and strengthen its digital presence.

Approach - A minimalist and organic aestheticism was adopted as part of this redesign. Minimalism is part of the modern graphic tendencies and creates a parallel with the purity and the cleaness of the medical field. The organic style, inspired by architecture makes reference to the movement and the relationship between man and nature. This reflects well the dynamics of innovation in which the incubator belongs.