Hey There! I’m Jeanne Benichou, a design student based in Paris.
My expertise focuses on the design of digital experiments and interfaces. My work is articulated through precise and functional artistic directions whether it's a personal, professional or student project.

It is essential for me to be in line with my sponsors intentions and communication objectives in order to affirm their identity and uniqueness.

I’m currently looking for a 6-months internship / I’m available for freelance.

Imprimerie Launay
Date : December 2016 Role : Art Direction

Imprimerie Launay

Personal project

Context - The firm is a company of Services and Consulting in Printing and Reprography located in the latin quarter of Paris (75005). It is a family business which has been providing professional quality service for many years. I found that their site was not up to the quality of their service which is known to be impeccable.

Approach - First of all I wanted to modernize their website, while remaining faithful to the family spirit of the company. It was important to enhance the references to color, typography and print’s guidelines. Thus, the purification of interfaces and the re-distribution of information allow a more readable reading of the services offered by the company and reinforces its digital image.