Hey There! I’m Jeanne Benichou, a design student based in Paris.
My expertise focuses on the design of digital experiments and interfaces. My work is articulated through precise and functional artistic directions whether it's a personal, professional or student project.

It is essential for me to be in line with my sponsors intentions and communication objectives in order to affirm their identity and uniqueness.

I’m currently looking for a 6-months internship / I’m available for freelance.

Funghi Foodtruck
Date : January 2016 Role : Art Direction

Funghi Foodtruck

School project

Context - The objective of this exercise was to imagine a concept of our choice for a food truck and create its entier identity, as well as designing its digital platform. I chose to work on the concept of a food truck specialised in mushrooms dishes. In addition I’ve decided that my food truck would be in Italy, a country where gastronomy has a special place in the local culture.

Approach - Mushrooms are a rare treat which you’ll rarely find in take away food, this is why when I was creating my food truck’s identity I focused on showcasing the high-end and atypical dimension that was found in the dishes offered. Originality and elegance were my key words during the creation of this project in order for me to get modern and unique interfaces.